From the bakery - 20 B/piece mix and match. White bread, lingonberrie bread, cinnamon buns,

ciabatta bread etc.

Från bageriet- 20 B/st  blanda själv. Vitt bröd, lingonbröd, kanelbullar, ciabatta m.m


The bakery opens 8.00 every morning!

Monday - All pizzas   medium or Large  20% discount

Tuesday - Tex Mex buffet from 6.30 Pm - South of the border style, nachos and tortillas etc...  240 B

Wednesdays from 6.30 Pm - BBQ - we grill on charcoal. Price 295 B/ 365 B Adults     125 B  kids up to 12 yrs

Fillet of chicken, fillet of pork, ribs, White snapper and prawns with sauces, potato,  rice, salad etc.. Please prebook, limited number of seats

Kycklingfilé , Fläskfilé, revbensspjäll, Scampi , White Snapper med goda såser, potatis, ris, salllad m.m Förbeställ gärna begränsat antal platser

Thursday - all wooden platters   20 % discount

Fridays -prawns festival from 6.30 Pm. Cooked prawns with good  accessories 250 B  / 295 B. Eat as much as you wish

Saturdays - Drinks, dining and the best music or the best sport events

Sundays from 6.00 pm   EATALY - the best from the Italian kitchen.A little touch of Italy. Always reduced prices on Italian dishes.

We play the best of dancemusic every Friday night from 8.30 pm. No entrance fee just a lot of fun! Keep on dancing! 

Buckets and Beverages at Ranchen

5 small Chang.  275 B

5 big Chang.  375 B

5 Spy coolers.  300 B

5 Breezers   400 B

House wine on glass   125 B

House wine on carafe 0,75l   485 B

Soft drinks   45 B

Irish Coffee  4cl  135 B