News at Ranchen

9. Jun, 2017

We are open from 4 pm every day. The bakery is open from 8 every morning.

New menu with many tasteful dishes.
Wooden platters - tenderloin, fillet of pork, fillet of chicken or fillet of Turbot from
345 B
With pommes duchesse and tasteful sauces!
The Bakery is open every day!
The bar is open until midnight every day.
Chang draught in the bar Big 90 B big 65 B small
Bottle - Chang - Leo - Singha 90 B big 65 B small

You are more than Welcome
Nick and Tony

9. Jun, 2017
8. Mar, 2019

Spring - summer - autumn 2019

We are open until 6th of April.
Summer open 8th of June - 11th of August
Reopen for season 2019 - 2020 10th of October

New phonenumber to RANCHEN - don't hesitate to call.
We are here for you.

7. Okt, 2016
7. Okt, 2016